Impulse / Snacking
(Cafeteria, Chocolates, Confectionery, Appetizers)



For 60 years, Sical has been working to offer consumers a unique experience in the act of drinking coffee. We have made our success through a path of achievements and progress, always to guarantee the quality and excellence of products and services.
Café Sical has a line of standard materials developed with your establishment in mind. In addition to awnings and personalized advertisements, there are other internal and external materials that complement this offer. You can also customize the image of your establishment based on a corporate image or a campaign, so that you feel that your space has a distinct image, better suited to your taste.

A.Ezequiel offers customer service and periodic and preventive maintenance of your establishment to make the best espresso.

For the Sical brand, the constant concern of being close to consumers through various advertising campaigns designed to contribute to the success of their business, making Sical a brand that customers remember and prefer.


It is without doubt a brand of choice since 1938. Today, Nescafé has several solutions available in a cafeteria for all tastes and a wide variety of packaging. NESCAFÉ now produces many different types … What is your favorite?


TOFA is a brand of coffee that accompanies you every day. A reliable brand with an urban yet familiar dynamic. Professionals prefer Tofa. For TOFA, the most important thing is customer satisfaction and, therefore, the satisfaction of the final consumer. It was through them that TOFA became a classic coffee, present in the most important and common life. Therefore, the predominant quality of the TOF brand product, based on excellence in flavor, the confidence of those who serve and the pleasure of those who drink coffee. Professional coffee machines require specific batches, which offer good yields and obtain a product with the flavor, body and flavor that consumers demand. TOFA specializes in the art of selecting the best coffee, roasting each variety in the exact degree of filling and with precision, so that they can provide the necessary characteristics for that use. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the highest technology and manufacturing automation, and its airtight packaging to preserve and maintain the freshness of freshly roasted coffee.

In addition to the supplied and standardized materials, TOFA also has an area specialized in differentiating the point of sale. Our operational marketing can customize the image of your establishment based on the corporate image or an ongoing campaign. To better serve A. Ezequiel has a team of professionals who travel directly to its facilities to meet the needs, so convenient, consistent and effective.


Essential at any point of sale, chocolate is consumed from the child to the elderly. Although chocolate is generally consumed for pleasure, there are some positive health effects of eating the food. Cocoa or dark chocolate, for example, are beneficial to the circulatory system. Other effects include anti-cancer properties, brain stimulants and the ability to cure diarrhea, among others.
Chocolate is a popular food that has known different forms of presentation. It can be drunk (chocolate powder or chocolate) with milk, or in tablets. In this case it is presented in many versions:


  • Milk chocolate, with peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts, with or without filling, etc., varying according to the addition in different parts of its individual components and thus also varies its caloric value, which in any case is high. Milk chocolate takes milk or powdered milk in its confection. European standards establish a minimum of 25% cocoa.


  • Dark chocolate is made with roasted cocoa beans without the addition of milk, and some versions allow it to be used as a base for desserts, cakes and cookies. A minimum of 35% cocoa must be used, according to European standards.


  • White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk, sugar and lecithin, and aromas such as vanilla can be added. Invented in Switzerland after World War I, it was only released in the 1980s by Nestlé.


Chocolate is one of the most popular “gifts” at festivities. On Valentine’s Day, a box of chocolates is usually presented, most often in conjunction with flowers and a card. It is also part of other holidays, including Christmas and birthdays, but there is no specific chocolate for those dates. At Easter, chocolate eggs are popular gifts.

A. Ezequiel in this segment has several chocolate brands available, namely Nestlé, Ferrero, Mars, Cadbury, Regina, Milka, Toblerone, etc. Existing in Tablets, Snack’s, Eggs, Cereal Bars, Chocolates, Dragees and even Chocolate Spread.


Confectionery or confectionery is the culinary art that deals with tasty and sweet sweet foods. It is the type of product most requested by “small” consumers, as they are fascinated by the colors and textures, the palate so tasty, the shapes, the toys and the fabulous aroma.

Our range of confectionery products includes the following products and brands:

Candies and Caramels: Halls, Villa, Sugus and Penha.

Gums: Haribo, Fini and Vidal.

Tablets: Mentos, Trident, Gum, Bubblicious and Bubballo.

Lollipop: Chupa Chups.

Cookies: Gullón and Cuétara.

And several articles related to toys and animated dolls preferred by “small” consumers.


Appetizer is the light food that is served before the main course of a meal, or to accompany a drink they are usually known as small snacks and when serving them, your customer will value your service and recognize the difference.

We have lupins in a bucket, Pringles snacks and an assortment of Ramazotti Dried Fruit products.