Ice cream

A. Ezequiel, Lda represents and distributes Nestlé ice cream, the world leader in the sector, the superior quality of Nestlé ice cream and the strong commercial dynamics of A Ezequiel have made this brand leader in several municipalities in the geographic area where A Ezequiel operates.

The advantages of being our Nestlé ice cream client are that of providing your customers with moments of great pleasure, combined with a brand of great consumer confidence, it is also important to highlight the service provided and the know-how that A. Ezequiel, Lda when over the years it has acquired in this sector, which allows us to guarantee through equipment, training, support material for sale and advice that Nestlé Ice Cream is a guaranteed bet for your establishment and be your ideal partner for this business.

For the ice cream group we have the following subgroups at your disposal:


  • Catering ice cream: For professionals who provide catering services.


  • Impulse Ice Cream: Also known for the poster ice cream where Maxibom, Nesquik, Nestlé, etc. are found.


  • Scooping ice cream: For those who want to create an image of ice cream and serve delicious ice cream balls or bowls.


  • Catering Ice Cream: Essential in your Restaurant with tasty temptations for adults and children.


  • Cones and Cookies: To contemplate scooping ice cream.


  • Utensils: For handling and decorating scooping ice cream.