Attentive to market needs, A. Ezequiel has at its disposal a wide professional range of products for catering, hotels and caterings, including the following sub-groups and brands:


  • Rice and Flours : Dihor and Pasta Milaneza


  • Olive Oil and Vinegar : Dihor and Oliveira da Serra


  • Olives and Mushrooms : Dihor


  • Cereals : Nestlé


  • Canned Goods: Dihor and Patés Fides


  • Cooking: Nestlé Maggi


  • Miscellaneous: Saldomar and Sidul


  • Fruits in syrup and jams : Dihor and Jams of Avó Rosa


  • Vegetables : Dihor


  • Sauces and Condiments : Dihor, Nestlé Maggi and Tabasco


  • Oil and fat : Dihor


  • Toppings : Nestlé


This merchandise is transported safely and dry.