Fresh Products
(Charcuterie, Dairy)


Charcuterie is the culinary branch dedicated to the preparation of pork products such as bacon, ham, sausages, hams, pates, chorizo, etc. Charcuterie is part of a chef’s repertoire. It was originally created as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration.

For this product segment we sell the products of the traditionally known Salsicharia Limiana, which has developed its work around the commercialization of fresh and frozen pork meat and its transformation into traditional smoked products, the company offers the market a wide range of products, which practically cover the entire Minho smokehouse.

Our range of products also contains the Prochef brand with quality and good price.


The presentation of milk on the market is variable and in general, it is accepted to change its properties to satisfy consumer preferences. A very frequent change is to dehydrate it (lyophilization), making it powdered milk, which facilitates its transport and storage. It is also usual to reduce the fat content, increase the calcium content and add flavors.
As you can see in our online catalog we have the following types of milk at your disposal:


  • UHT (Long Life) Milk: from English ultra-high temperature or ultra-heat treatment, milking can be manual or mechanical. Milk can be stored in uncooled tanks before going to the dairy. However, the industrial process is sterilization, not pasteurization. In sterilization practically all microorganisms, including beneficial ones, are eliminated.


  • Flavored: it is sugary or sweetened milk to which flavors such as strawberry, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. are added. Normally they are skimmed or semi skimmed.


  • Powdered or lyophilized milk: milk from which 95% water is extracted through atomization and evaporation processes. It is presented in a cream colored powder. For your consumption, you only need to add water or milk.


  • Condensed milk: from this milk, the water has been partially extracted and it looks thicker than normal fluid milk. It may have sugar, added or not.


  • Enriched milk: Dairy preparations are added to which are added some product of nutritional value such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, omega-3 etc.


A. Ezequiel, Lda is always beside the brands that give us quality assurance, Mimosa, Gresso, Agros and Nestlé with their wide range of products, are the main brands represented.