A. Ezequiel, Lda is a company specialized in food distribution, where the quality of the products sold is considered as an aspect to guarantee for our satisfaction and also for our customer.

The criteria for selecting our suppliers is highly rigorous and selective, as they have to comply with a set of requirements stipulated by A. Ezequiel, Lda in order to guarantee in product production, distribution and handling. One of the most evaluated criteria is the HACCP, which guarantees the traceability of the product from its production to our customer.

Our product range in general is geared towards the professional sector, so daily we seek the best products at the best prices always with the guarantee of providing quality articles.

The company has at its disposal professionals, highly competent and trained who visit you regularly to clarify, support and inform you about our products. Our quality department aims to provide the customer with a safe product using traceability, quick response to non-conformities, temperature controls, technical data sheets and control methods. Our distribution guarantees the delivery of goods quickly and safely.

The quality of the products and brands that it represents together with the distribution know-how acquired over more than 30 years of experience in this sector are key elements of the company’s success and the guarantee of the quality of the service provided to our customers, which makes us the ideal partner for the HORECA channel, food retail or institutional channel.