Online Orders

Dear customer, our company has a new web platform available only to A. Ezequiel, Lda customers. The platform allows you to consult our catalog, place orders, view recipes, technical sheets, promotions, product description, preparation and preparation. We also offer the Newsletter service (news from the company eg new products, promotions, agenda, etc.) is available to those who subscribe in the customer area. There is in its content an agenda of events and launches, a forum and useful information. All information processed through the platform is viewed daily except for the weekend.

Through the use of the platform, contact is made at the moment, that is, when placing an order, it is sent directly for treatment and dispatch.

This tool does not invalidate the regular visit of our commercial, as one of the objectives is to provide our commercial with more time to better inform our customer about the products, promote new products and solve any problems more efficiently.