Quality and Food Safety Policy

  • Ability to understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties, through a strong relationship with them, meeting deadlines and guaranteeing the quality of our products and our service;
  • Optimize processes;
  • Comply with customer requirements, as well as all applicable requirements (including legal, regulatory and statutory), in the context of activities or operations that have an influence on food quality and safety;
  • Creation of conditions that allow the constant motivation and involvement of all employees;
  • Ensure reliable suppliers;
  • Guarantee the necessary financial stability and provide the necessary infrastructure for the development and progress of the company;
  • Understand the quality and food safety as a key factor for the competitiveness and profitability of the company, promoting the continuous improvement of the systems effectiveness.

During their transport to the customer’s home, our home delivery vans are equipped and prepared with refrigeration systems for the correct packaging of fresh products, so that they maintain their properties in ideal conditions.